On our way

September 5, 2012

A helicopter lands on the deck of the Arctic Sunrise before the ship sets sail for the Arctic. (Photo by Julienne Stroeve)

Woke this morning at 1 a.m. and didn’t fall back to sleep until about 4 a.m. when another crew member knocked on the door to wake my roommate for her early morning watch. Everyone goes to bed and gets up at different times on the ship, as watch duties are rotated throughout the night. Though we haven’t left port yet, routine has begun.  The next knock came at 7:30 a.m., just when I was sound asleep.  Okay, so maybe it will take another day before I’m on European time. Keeping my fingers crossed. Could be tonight I’ll just pass out from the meds I’m going to take to help with the sea sickness that will likely happen as we head out into the rough waters. My last post said four-foot swells, what I meant to say was four-meter swells.  That’s a bit more extreme.

Everyone is now on the boat. Met the scientist from Cambridge University, Nick Tolberg and his technician. They will be deploying some buoys to monitor wave activity in the ice pack.  Nice to have another scientist on board.  We also have two journalists with us, Camila Alves from OGlobo in Brazil and John Vidal from the Guardian in the United Kingdom.

Was able to go on a nice walk to town before the helicopter arrived at 4 p.m.  The helicopter is now secured to the boat and we’re ready to fuel up.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get a chance to fly out on the helicopter over the ice – that will make for some nice filming of the ice conditions.

Lots of anticipation for tonight’s journey.  The chef is cooking up some Thai food to celebrate.  I wonder how spicy food will go with wave motion. Hmm, guess I’ll know soon enough.

Next posts will come via satellite phone. They will be short, but will update on ice and weather conditions when I can.


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